W.H.O. Is Promoting Games To Keep us Staying at Home

In this time of the pandemic, what keeps as busy around the house after all the chores and repetitive duties? Some says watching movies or TV on their spare time, some says be creative and do crafts and DIY things but for most of us especially the younger ones, gaming is the key to our entertainment. Especially this time, almost every platform has a game, may it be PC, laptop, console or even mobile.

Online games keep us in touch with our friends that we haven’t been together with since COVID started to get worse. Although online games use Internet Bandwidth but it’s so small that watching a 10-minute video on YouTube is equal to gaming for an hour at least. Yes, online games use very minimal bandwidth than watching YouTube videos or streaming Netflix movies specially when you watch them in higher resolution.

World Health Organization recently promoted the #PlayApartTogether together with nearly 60 gaming companies to promote social distancing and proper safety measures in fighting COVID-19 pandemic which let’s us stay at home and play with our friends online.

Not a gamer but do you want to play? Well there is a lot of mobile games that are very intuitive and easy to play. Mostly are played with kids or the older ones. Games like HappyFarm which you let you play farming simulation on taking care of farm animals like cows, chickens, pigs and more.

These kinds of games will mostly entertain us while keeping us in the comfort of our house for our safety and the others. The WHO’s Play Apart Together campaign also teaches us that we aren’t that far from our friends at all.