HappyFarm, The Newest Farming Game in The Town

HappyFarm will be release earlier this second quarter of the year. Which was plan since last year and developed for almost five months is set to be release this month of May. The game features a simulation of animal farming which let you take care of farm animals, feed them and even let them multiply.

This kind of games aren’t new to us anymore but HappyFarm offers new rich features that will surely entertain us like feeding animals, and play other games. The game also features rewards and merits for achievements and accomplishments.

The game can be played on any platform as long as it has a browser. Yes, HappyFarm is a browser games which you do not need to download and install the software. You can play it anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Worried about your internet bandwidth? HappyFarm got it for you! Yes, HappyFarm is very optimized that it uses small amount of bandwidth to keep it running.

The game itself is very intuitive and very easy to understand. All the people on your home can play the game, may it be your child, your parents or even your grandparents can play the game given that they can still use a mobile phone.

All you really need is to type on the HappyFarm link on your browser, login and play the game. If you do not have account yet, you can sign in with any valid email address you can use. Then confirm the registration and you can now start playing the game.