HappyFarm Is The Game For You!

The very first thing you do is to visit HappyFarm.me. If you don’t have account yet, you can sign up with your any valid and active email by clicking the Member menu on the top and click create account. Fill in the blanks with honesty and proceed then you already have the account!

Now you are registered, you can now sign-in and start playing. First thing you do is visit your Dashboard and just check the details. So now you are ready to play, then visit your farm and check your animals. You are given 4 animals, 2 hens and 2 chicks to start your farm. Feed them right away so your will receive farm points which are very valuable in this game. Of course you can’t just feed and feed your farm animals right away that’s why they have time intervals.

Want to add animals or make your farm grow bigger? The Market has everything for you. Visit the Market and buy additional farm animals or farm lands. You have the option to buy using farm points or earn currency. So feed and feed to earn more points to grow your farm. That fun right?

You got nothing to do while waiting time intervals for feeding? Visit Games, there are so many games to kill your time while waiting. Of course these are extra games that’s only for fun. So make yourself happy and entertained. HappyFarm is the game for you!