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We made farming in HappyFarm fun and easy! HappyFarm let's you experience to become your own haciendero and own your livestocks.

Many of us has dreamed to have our own farm and livestocks. With HappyFarm, we made your dreams, a bit, to come true. <3

We simply provide ENTERTAINING opportunities for anyone to have fun and enjoy while in quarantine using HappyFarm. The interface is so easy to use that even someone with zero experience can figure it out.

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HappyFarm gives you some useful and fun features which will help you to conquer your boredom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from users. Better you read them first if having any confusions.

  • HappyFarm is a farming game which gives an entertainment features to still enjoy during this pandemic crisis. To start, create an account and login. Go to Farms and select the available farm. Then, you start feeding your hungry animals :)

  • We have provided you a referral code and link on your Dashboard. You may use it to share to your friends and family so you can share the fun.

  • Visit the Market page on your left menu. You can select what kind of farm animals you can buy. Each animals has different traits. Read them carefully before purchasing.

  • Visit the Market page on your left menu. You can expand your farm by purchasing a new villa. Each villa has its own limit and capacity to store animals.

  • Visit the Wallet page on your left menu. Choose your preferred payment method to receive your withdrawal requests.

  • Visit the Encoding page on your left menu. You can solve 100 text puzzle encoding every day. Don't miss the chance as it will help you increase your earnigns :)

  • Yes! We have emebedded couple of games on our website for you to conquer your boredom. Many games you can choose from. This game is developed by a third party company which allow us to embed their games.

    Simply, visit the games page on your left menu and it will redirect you to the list of games.